Avoiding trouble during presentations

First, these are based on the presenting bringing their own laptop, if not, we’ll add other questions about that.

Note to presenter:
Please answer as completely as you find reasonable, we know they are detailed questions.
We are mainly looking for issues we need to address ahead of time.

Basic questions of the hardware:

Laptop Hardware:

  1. What wiring is your computer connected to the projector with ?
    HDMI: Most recent and very common on machines
    VGA/XVGA: somewhat older and common in Windows machine
    Thunderbolt/Min-display port: these 2 are common on recent Macs
    see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201736
  2. What type of computer do you have ?
  3. Do you know how to adjust the active screen and the screen resolution ?
  4. Do you have a thumb drive USB port to save off the presentation if needed ?


Display software programs:

  1. What operating system do you have on your computer, what version ?
  2. What display software are you using ?
    Power point: most common
    Libre Office: Impress
    Mac: Keynote
    Similar presentation software: which ?
  3. Any video or special software
  4. Tools: Do you need any other tools/gadgets as part of your presentation, such as
    slide clicker ?
  5. Do you need an live internet connection for any of your presentation ?
  6. Will you provide handout ? Will you bring enough copies ?
  7. Do you have follow up information we can post on our web site/FB ?
    If so, please provide on a thumb drive or email us.


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